If you have purchased supplies from us previously, you will notice this page looks different. We no longer maintain our own shopping cart for supplies. Instead, the product links below will take you directly to the manufacturer the supplies have always come from. Advantage Laser Products has been in business since 1987 and has been the supplier behind our shopping cart for over 10 years. They sell many products, so use the links below to make sure you order supplies that are fully compatible with Vcheck.

PLEASE NOTE: You will have to register with Advantage Laser for your first order. After that they can fill your orders much faster than we could via our own cart.

Top check stock

(For one check per page with or without voucher/file copies)

3 up check stock

(For 3 different checks per page)

MICR Toner

(If your bank requires Magnetic toner)

Printers with MICR Toner

(Brand new printers loaded with MICR Toner)